Since our founding in 1993, we have truly lived up to our philosophy to “Live Well For Less” with each and every one of our products. We are driven by the pursuit of safe, environmentally friendly products that can improve the quality of life. Over 6 million NuWave Ovens have been sold since its launch, and the global market has consumed over 3 million NuWave Precision Induction Cooktops.

We are proud to bring our philosophy of creating superior products that are affordable and make day-to-day life easier and healthier into the commercial market.
DURABILITY – Built To Last
Gone are the days of flimsy, rusty appliances that seemingly break down every day. The advanced technology that goes into every single NuWave product ensures they’ll stand up to the wear and tear of the modern kitchen without breaking down. In fact, many popular NuWave products boast defect rates as low as 1 in 1 trillion.

Customer service is our top priority. In the unlikelihood that something goes wrong, we ensure that our customers have access to multiple channels of communications should then need to reach us for assistance.
QUALITY – Built For The Modern Kitchen
NuWave was founded over 20 years ago in an effort to combine advanced technology with a healthy cooking experience and this mindset has never wavered. Throughout the company history, we have been committed to exceeding industry-standard best practices regarding safety and product quality. We are focused on developing environmentally conscious, chemical-free appliances that are affordable for everyone, all built with the latest culinary technology.

The result is an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly product that fits right at home in the modern kitchen.
CONVENIENCE – Built For The Modern Chef
NuWave’s mission is to deliver kitchenware that is not only filled with the latest technology, but is also easy to use. From cookware that doesn’t need to be scrubbed after every use to blenders and pressure cookers with intuitive interfaces and clear digital displays, every single part of each and every NuWave product is built with the user experience in mind.

Every single NuWave product is designed so everyone from a first-time cook to a seasoned professional chef can get great results without any hassle.
PERFORMANCE – Built To Perform
The NuWave brand has become synonymous with easy-to-use products combining advanced technology that deliver the best cooking experiences every time. From cooktops and woks with advanced induction technology built right in to cookware and skillets made with eco-friendly ceramic non-stick coating, every single product with the NuWave name is built with performance in mind.

Whether it’s the wattage in the appliances or the intuitive interfaces, every single NuWave product is engineered to help you get the best results every time you cook.
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