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The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Pro Chef (PIC Pro Chef) has an incredible temperature range, which allows users to cook any type of food with unbeatable temperature control. While other portable induction cooktops can only cook as low as 140°F or as high as 420°F, with the NuWave Cooktop, you can sear a gourmet steak at 575°F or keep sauces warm at 100°F, all with the same unit. Best of all, the intuitive digital temperature controls let you adjust the cooking temperature in 5° increments with the simple press of a button.

The portable 1800-watt PIC Pro Chef features 100 hours of memory that allows you to program your favorite cooking procedures, as well as a Delay function that allows you to initiate cooking when it's most convenient for you. Additionally, the PIC Pro Chef boasts a delayed shutoff feature for added convenience and an 8-inch induction heating area for added cooking versatility. Best of all, this advanced induction cooking technology is all built into a portable package that can be used virtually anywhere you have access to an electric outlet. It even boasts 3 wattage settings of 900, 1500 and 1800 watts so you can cook with more than one appliance plugged into the same outlet.

When cooking on a traditional gas or electric stove, energy is wasted by heating the area around your cookware. The NuWave PIC Pro Chef generates heat directly in the cookware itself, wasting virtually no energy while cooking your food and saving you money on your energy bill. By using no more than 1800 watts, the NuWave PIC conserves up to 90% of the energy wasted by traditional gas or electric stoves. And because the PIC Pro Chef doesn’t cook with any open flames or hot coils, using induction technology, the area around the cooktop remains perfectly cool. These safety measures greatly reduce the risk of fires and accidental burns.

• Dimensions: 14.2 inches long, 11.4 inches wide, 2.4 inches tall
• Wattage: 1800 watts
• Voltage: 120 volts
• Amps: 15 amps
• Weight: 6.2 pounds
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